Stratco Garage Shed Range

Stratco Garage Shed
Serving Brisbane, Gold Coast and Moreton Bay, Vanstyn Sheds are strong, stylish and practical. In Gable and Flat Roof styles, there is a quality Stratco made, Vanstyn design and built shed in a size and colour to suit your needs.

Vanstyn Garages and Sheds offer stylish, high quality storage and protection solutions. Choose from both flat and gable roof styles, and a huge range of garage sizes all the way up to large commercial and farm sheds.

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Vanstyn Sheds

Form and function come together in the classic shape of the Gable Roof Shed. Featuring an extremely practical pitched roof, the Gable Roof Shed range takes full advantage of the floor space available. More than just a timeless design, a pitched roof minimises heat build-up and increases your storage space on the inside, and delivers the benefits of a self-cleaning shape on the outside.

The frame of a Gable Roof Shed is constructed using strong, galvanised C-section purlins.

Hi-tensile bolted eaves and ridge connection brackets provide a seamless portal frame structure and are engineered to provide additional torsional strength. The shed roof is clad with traditional corrugated steel in a choice of single or double sided colour and comes standard with gutters and downpipes. The wall cladding is Superdek® sheeting which is a durable and hard-wearing sheet due to the 28mm high ribs in its profile. The sheeting on the gable wall for standard Domestic 15° Gable Sheds is pre-cut to fit the gable shape for easy installation.

Gable Roof Sheds are available in a wide range of colours. Select either sliding doors or roller doors. If the side of the shed is to be built on a boundary, internal box gutters can be ordered. Optional extras include windows, skylights and a personal access door. Roller doors can be fitted with remote controlled door openers and the walls can be ordered in a corrugated profile for a different appearance.


Gable Roof Sheds are available in two categories;
  1. Domestic 15° Sheds up to 6.9 metres wide, and
  2. Rural and Industrial 10° Sheds from 6.9 to 15.4 metres wide that range from two bays, up to an endless number of extra bays.



  • Choose from two attractive designs; the Gable Roof and Flat Roof.
  • Available in a huge range of sizes and several wall heights.
  • Massive10°Large Span Gable Roof Sheds with endless non-standard length options.
  • Pick from an exceptional range of modern colours.
  • Select either roller doors or sliding doors on Gable Roof Sheds.
  • Designed and tested to comply with all relevant building standards.
  • Gable Roof Sheds are constructed using strong and secure galvanised C-section portal frames.
  • Gable Roof Shed C-section purlins and girts provide additional strength and conceal all fasteners.


Rural and Industrial

Large farm sheds and commercial garages that are big on space, storage, quality and durability. Stratco Rural and Industrial sheds are big, they can be tailored to your needs and are engineered to be a lasting investment.